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Sick Leave Bank

All employees who are eligible for sick leave benefits are also eligible for membership in the Suffolk Public Schools Sick Leave Bank. The open enrollment period for the Sick Leave Bank each year is from September 15th through October 15th. Any new employee, as well as returning employees who are not currently members of the Sick Leave Bank, may enroll during this period. Current Sick Leave Bank memberships will automatically renew each year unless a reassessment of days is required. New employees may enroll when hired, but must enroll within 30 days of his/her hire date.

Employees who have received the approved forty-five (45) days from the Sick Leave Bank and need additional days may request donated days. An employee who is requesting donated leave must submit a written request to the Human Resources Department. The request must include the reason donated leave is requested and the approximate duration of the employee’s absence. A doctor’s certificate verifying this information must accompany the request.

If the employee’s request is approved by the Sick Leave Bank Board, the Human Resources Department will send sick leave donation authorization forms to all principals and department heads to coordinate the donations. Employees do not have to be a member of the Sick Leave Bank to donate days, but employees must be a member of the Sick Leave Bank to receive donated days. Employees may not solicit donated sick leave from other employees.

Employees may only donate in whole-day increments. No employee may donate more than five (5) days of earned sick leave to any one employee during a single fiscal year. Donated days will be accepted in the order the days were donated and will only be accepted up to the total number of days needed by the specific done.