Compliance Training Courses NOW in Frontline PG

All staff members are expected to complete the annual Bloodborne Pathogens for School Employees, Back Safety and Safe Lifting, Chemical Spills and Allergies and Anaphylaxsis training through the professional development delivery system called Frontline Professional Growth.

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The Frontline Education link is located on the Staff Portal.  After clicking on the link, staff will be prompted to log into the Training site. If you have not logged into Frontline Education before, check your email for instructions to create your log-in credentials for the site.

All four (4) courses must be completed by every employee by Friday,  October 25, 2019.  

Access to the program will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Employees without computer access should contact those listed below for assistance:

Group                                                                         Contacts

Bus Drivers                                                           School Bookkeeper

Cafeteria Associates                                       Cafeteria Manager

Custodians                                                            School Bookkeeper

Transportation (dept. staff only)               Paula Smith

Food Service (dept. staff only)                     Pattrena Howell

Maintenance (dept. staff only)                    Gail Wilkins

Accessing Online Compliance Courses in Frontline Directions

Troubleshooting Course Issues in Frontline

When launching the course, a new window should open with the course content. If it does not, it is usually due to the default pop-up blocker in Chrome. When a pop-up is blocked, the address bar will be marked Pop-up blocked Pop-up blocked. Click on the Pop-up blocked icon and select option to Allow Always. Then try to launch the course again.

If you launch a course and it does not allow you to go pass a completed section, the cookies and cache need to be cleared. Select [Control+Shift+Delete] all at the same time to launch the Clear Browsing Data panel. Then click Clear Data.

If you have passed the test and the course does not mark itself as completed on your Learning Plan, please email with the name of the course that is not completing. The course will be manually completed for you.