Meet Sydney on September 1st

Anthem has a new tool to help SPS employees … On September 1, you’ll meet Sydney, Anthem’s new mobile app that runs on intuition. Sydney is designed to deliver a highly personalized, custom experience that’s based on a member’s plan, health-care needs, and lots more. It’s part of Anthem’s new web and mobile experience powered by AI (artificial intelligence).

The brains behind the benefits
Sydney will replace Anthem Anywhere. Members will use Sydney to manage all of their benefits in one place. The app connects medical, dental, vision, pharmacy, and other plans so they can manage them quickly and easily. They’ll use it to track health goals, find care, understand benefits, manage claims, and get important information for everyone on their plan.

Looking for powerful, new features?
Here’s one. Get answers right away in Sydney’s interactive chat. Employees won’t have to call Member Services each time they have a question.

And that’s just the start
Future enhancements to Sydney and Anthem’s new digital experience will deliver a smarter health care journey that engages each member in a truly personal and intuitive way. You’ll spend more time focused on your health, with less time managing the ins and outs of health care.

Anthem will start promoting the new app to members in late July. Members can download the new app at the app stores starting September 1.