Ditch that Textbook Digital Summit – IS BACK!

Ditch that Textbook Digital Summit is back for one more week! This FREE virtual professional development event will occur from January 10 through January 16. Register on the Ditch Summit site to participate in the event. This year’s presenters include:

  • Ken Shelton, speaker
  • Kim Bearden, Ron Clark Academy Co-founder
  • Manuel Herrera, Doodle and Visual Thinker
  • Jornea Erwin, Head of Educator Innovation at Flipgrid
  • Matt Miller, Ditch the Textbook author
  • Tony Vincent, LearningInHand.com creator
  • Bryan Miller, TopTechEDU Co-Founder
  • Claudio Zavala, storytelling enthusiast

Watch the Vidoes

If you cannot get to the videos above, use this link to register first. REGISTER