ID Card Update from Anthem

As a result of the Anthem system upgrade, Anthem has mailed out new ID cards to subscribers effective January 1, 2019.
… If you have not received your new ID card in the mail and need to use your health benefits, you may view a copy of your card online at or use the Anthem mobile app.  In addition, subscribers may contact Anthem customer service at 1-833-592-9956.

Subscribers should show their healthcare providers their new ID card to make sure their claims are processed correctly.


Message from 12-19-18:

As a result of the Anthem system upgrade, Anthem will be mailing new insurance cards effective for January 1, 2019.


New ID Cards:
Members will get new ID cards. ID cards also can be viewed online at and through the Anthem mobile app.

Members need to use their new ID card, starting on their effective date, to make sure their claims are processed correctly.