October is Bullying Prevention Month

Suffolk Public Schools joins both a state and national focus this month to promote awareness of school bullying.  The Suffolk School Board passed a resolution last month to demonstrate how educators, community leaders and parents play a critical role in creating a climate where bullying is not tolerated.  It has been proven that when adults and children stand together bullying ends.

Childhood bullying is a significant problem nationwide. It can cause school absenteeism, mental and physical stress, poor school performance, poor self-esteem, and in some cases, school violence or suicide.  Statistics show that 160,000 children in the United States miss school each day as a result of being bullied.  More than 20 percent of school-aged children report being bullied each year – upwards of 13 million students.

“More than one of every five school-aged children report being bullied,” said Julie Hertzog, director of PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, which sponsors Unity Day and founded National Bullying Prevention Month in 2006. “It’s important these students know they are not alone and that they have the right to feel safe. By joining together and wearing ORANGE on Unity Day, we can send the unified message that we care about student’s physical and emotional health and that bullying will no longer be accepted in this society.” 

Schools throughout SPS will participate in Unity Day by wearing orange on Wednesday, October 24.  The theme is “Together against Bullying: United for Kindness, Acceptance, and Inclusion.”  Wearing orange on Unity Day sends a powerful message of support, hope, and unity again bullying.

The bullying prevention efforts in Suffolk Public Schools include school-level campaigns, classroom discussions led by guidance counselors, and an expanding school-wide programs which teach, model and provide incentives for positive behavior.

In addition, the division has an anonymous Bullying Tip Line — (757) 538-5438 – and an online Bullying Complaint form.   Information on what SPS considers to be bullying is highlighted at www.spsk12.net/programs/bullying-prevention as well as in the Student Handbook and the Student Code of Conduct.

Throughout the year, teachers and guidance counselors integrate discussions about bullying prevention in lessons at all grade levels.  A few examples of school-level activities during this special focus month include:

  • Learning about Buddy Benches, installed last year at each elementary school, where students who are lonely or upset can sit and others will know they need a buddy to cheer them up. (Suffolk Education Foundation project);
  • Participating in anti-bullying discussions with deputies from the Suffolk Sheriff’s Department;
  • Serving oranges at lunch on Mondays to support the school’s “orange dot” campaign to block out bullying (Creekside Elementary)
  • Practicing the lessons from Dr. Seuss’ The Sneetches, a book about how sneetches with stars on the bellies think they are better than plain-bellied sneetches (Florence Bowser Elementary);
  • Creating a rainbow of positive messages from students and staff using colorful post-it notes, and demonstrating how each class will be bully-free with a door decorating contest (Hillpoint Elementary);
  • Pledging to prevent bullying by writing your name on orange links to create a unity chain and creating handprints to lend a hand to spread kindness (Nansemond Parkway Elementary);
  • Discussing the real-life story that inspired the 2017 movie “Wonder,” about a boy with facial deformities and his efforts to change how others see him. A family movie night is set for Oct. 25 (Oakland Elementary);
  • Discovering through a featured assembly presentation “Bully No More” what to do if you are a bullet target or a witness to bullying, and how to recognize if you are being a bully (Pioneer Elementary);
  • Blocking out bullying by wearing sunglasses and emphasizing the message of “See Something, Say Something” (Col. Fred Cherry Middle);
  • Encouraging students to do random acts of kindness in a school-wide “Kind Challenge” and creating posters with messages about individuality, diversity, self-esteem, school spirit, and community(John Yeates Middle);
  • Plus additional activities at all other schools.


For more information, contact Dr. Suzanne Rice, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, at 925-6750 or suzannerice@spsk12.net

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October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) hosts an annual campaign during the month of October to raise awareness about cyber security. NCSA pas published some general tips to increase cyber security awareness. Protect yourself and protect your accounts by reviewing these tips:

Employee Wellness Program Now Open

The SPS Employee Wellness Program is now open for the 2018-19 school year.
Earn 200 points as an individual by May 15, 2019 and receive a $200 (Taxable) reward. 
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Interim Progress Report Directions

Please see the appropriate directions for completing Interim Progress Reports (IPRs).


Interim Progress Report Due Dates for 2018-2019

Marking Period

Progress Report Distribution Date Teacher Progress Report Load Date


October 4

October 2


December 13

December 11


March 4

February 28

MP4 May 15

May 13


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Teacher Positions Available for After-school Grant Program

Teachers Position Available

at the BTWES 21st Century Community Learning Center

Booker T. Washington Elementary School, a Suffolk Public School, with provide before-school, after-school, Saturday and summer camp programming to 75 at-risks K-5 students and their families. S.T.R.E.A.M.ing into ExcellenceStudent Success Realized through Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics Learning Pathways program will offer students homework help & targeted academic support in addition to literacy and mathematics focused, curriculum integrated learning and healthy living experiences. Programming begins October 15, 2018 through May 9, 2019. 

The following positions are now open for internal applicants ONLY.

Genius Hour Teacher: Monday – Thursday 7:40am to 8:55am

One hour before school, students are able to make independent learning decisions to follow their own interests for continued exploration into any of the STREAM content they have received during the afternoon program. Staff must have an understanding in guiding student self-direction and reflection, interest-based learning, inquiry, and autonomy.


Power Hour – Academic Assistance Teacher: Monday – Thursday 3:50pm to 5:20pm

Teaching staff will provide support to students and document their progress through the following academic assistance models:

  1. One-on-one and/or small group Targeted Tutoring sessions based on student academic needs as directed by classroom teacher/school input.
  2. Homework Help – Students will be given a quiet space with flexible seating to complete assigned homework with available instructional support and feedback on their progress.
  3. Read and Ride Station: Students will complete their assigned 20 minutes of independent reading time while riding on a stationary bike each day. Instructional staff will be present to assist with bike transitions, appropriate reading material selection and engaging students in comprehension prompts as they ride.


Enrichment Hour – Designing Minds Teacher: Tuesday & Thursday 4:50pm to 6:35pm 

Must be able to teach both days.

Teaching staff will facilitate engineering and technology project-based learning utilizing the standards aligned children’s engineering design briefs model to include using the school’s MakerSpace Lab. Staff will also assist with supervision of students eating dinner and bus dismissal.


Enrichment Hour – CodeCreate Teacher: Monday & Wednesday 4:50pm to 6:35pm

Must be able to teach both days.   

Teaching staff will facilitate student exploration into computer science programming concepts, computational thinking, digital citizenship, and methods of computational thinking through an arts integration and creative problem solving curriculums developed by CodeVA and Code.org. Staff will also assist with supervision of students eating dinner and bus dismissal. Participation in the CodeVA summer training is preferred.

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C & I Folder Changing Names

The C & I Folder in Team Drive is changing to the Teaching and Learning Resources folder.

Quit 4 Life

SPS Staff,
The SPS Employee Wellness Program will open in October.  However, you can enroll in Optum smoking cessation program today.  You will be rewarded with a max of 20 SPS Employee Wellness Points upon completion.
Enroll now: 1-866-Quit-4-Life or https://www.quitnow.net/Program/
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Installing Software

software installationStaff members can install software through the Software Center.  The Software Center contains titles that have been approved for download by the Technology Department.  Click below for the step-by-step directions.

Software Installation

Getting Started with Windows 10

WindowsDo you need help getting started with the Windows 10 operating system?  Click below for some helpful tips.

Windows 10 Getting Started

Connecting your Computers


Computer 1: Hey, I hear people!

Computer 2: Woo hoo, that must mean school is about to start!

Computer 3: And it means someone is going to turn us around, brush the dust off us, and plug us in!

Computer 4: Amen, because I am sick of looking at this wall.

Are your computers unplugged? Are the cords in a pile? Do you need help getting everything connected and turned on? This presentation will take you through the steps to connect your computers properly. If you have difficulty with this task or run into a problem, please submit a TSR through the HelpDesk ticketing system. Technicians will address TSRs in the order received.

Preservice Conference Day 2018 – What You Need to Know


What You Need to Know About

Preservice Conference Day 2018

  • All Instructional Staff are expected attend at one of two sites on Friday, August 24: KFHS – Elementary & NRHS – Secondary

  • There will be five (5) session rotations: Here is a sneak peek at the conference schedules. Click on the level to view.

  • You MUST select your sessions in Frontline Education on Thursday, August 23: Elementary will receive Frontline training during Overview sessions & Secondary will receive training at their home schools by school admin.

  • Conference Session One (1) will begin promptly at 8:30am: Please arrive early to enjoy some refreshments and find your first session before it starts.

  • Be sure to sign in at EACH session: STAR points will be awarded per session and attendance will be shared with school admin.

  • Bring a fully charged laptop or Chromebook: Many of the sessions require use of technology and pulling in to charge will not be available in most session spaces.

  • Have fun learning WITH and FROM your colleagues and our Partners-in-Education: Nearly 240 sessions will be facilitated by numerous Suffolk Public Schools teachers, school and district leaders as well as representatives from several local organizations. Thank you in advance for your full engagement during the sessions you attend. 

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New SPS videos are  posted at least once a week, including the Superintendent’s 2-Minute Drills, news stories, and teacher features.

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These same videos are posted on the SPS division website home page, and each school’s home page.

All in the Family …

Pioneer Elementary principal Lori Mounie and Kilby Shores principal Lorri Banks welcome a second generation of SPS educators at this year’s New Teacher Breakfast.

Hope Mounie will teach at Hillpoint Elementary and Kevin Banks at John F. Kennedy Middle School.

Preservice 2018 Schedules Are Now Available

2018-19 Employee Return Dates

August 20 – Newly Hired Teachers (New Teacher Orientation)

August 23 – Returning Teachers

August 29 – Teacher Assistants & ISS Monitors

Here are your Preservice 2018 Schedules

Click on the job title to open the schedule.

Food & Nutrition – Transportation – Custodians

CPI – United Way – Volunteer Connect – Webmasters – Building Medication Designees

Elementary General Teachers PK-5 (Including Title I & Academic/Math Coaches)

Secondary General Teachers (English-Math-History-Science)

Special Education Teachers and Paraprofessionals PK-12 

Advanced Instruction K-12 Teachers

Fine Arts Teachers K-12 

Guidance – PE/Health – Media Specialist K-12

Career and Technical Education Teachers 

World Languages Teachers 



Job Fair for Support Staff – August 9

Click the header for more information.


Tuition Free Course to become Special Ed Teacher … Interest Letter Due July 16

2018 Tuition-Free Prerequisite Course for a Provisional (Special Education) License Offered at Old Dominion University (Tri-Cities Center)

*ONLY 10 Slots Available Division-wide

Interest Application Due July 16, 2018

To address the critical shortages of teachers in special education, Suffolk Public Schools will offer a tuition-free course, Foundations of Special Education: Legal Aspects and Characteristics (SPED 400), to 10 individuals recommended by Suffolk Public Schools Administrators.  This fall coursework will be offered to individuals seeking endorsement in the area of Special Education (General Curriculum).

Among other requirements set forth in the Licensure Regulations for School Personnel and state statute, individuals seeking a Provisional (Special Education) License with an endorsement in special education must complete a prerequisite course that includes “foundations for educating students with disabilities and an understanding and application of the legal aspects and regulatory requirements associated with identification, education, and evaluation of students with disabilities.”  The Old Dominion University course (SPED 400) will meet this course requirement. 

The cost of applying to Old Dominion University, the tuition for the course, and the cost of the textbook and fees will be covered by Suffolk Public Schools.  The only cost to participants will be the cost of transportation to and from the class which will be held at the Old Dominion Tri-Cities Center.

Space is limited to 10 participants on a first-come, first served basis.  Applicants should submit their interest application using the Google link provided by July 16, 2018.   Interested applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, must not have been previously employed under a provisional license in special education, and must be recommended by an administrator who has worked with the candidate.

Applicants must submit the following forms:

  1. Online Interest Form.  The Online Interest Form must be completed online at Selected applicants will be notified of acceptance.
  2. School Administrator (or Designee) Recommendation Form.  This form will be emailed to the administrator that you list on your interest form upon submission.

For information about the course, please contact Dr. Rodney Brown, Director of Human Resources or Diane Glover, Director of Special Education.

50 Employees Give 1,000+ Years

Fifty retirees from Suffolk Public Schools were recently celebrated at the 2018 Retirement Banquet. The years of service below are those years with Suffolk Public Schools only – a total of 1,025 years of service to Suffolk students!

Congratulations to the following retirees:

  • Johnnie Adams-Coleman, HES, Teacher Asst., 9 years
  • Fatiyah Ali, MBES, Teacher, 4 years
  • Wilma Archer-Jack, JYMS, Cafeteria Associate, 10 years
  • Karen Bailey, CES, Teacher Asst., 13 years
  • Cynthia Barrett-Walloe, SAO, Admin. Asst., 20 years
  • Janette Belote, NSES, Teacher, 33 years
  • Gail Bess, SAO, Coordinator, 41 years
  • Dale Blake, LHS, ROTC Instructor, 14 years
  • Debbie Bunch, JYMS, Teacher, 35 years
  • Elizabeth Butler, MBES, Teacher, 28 years
  • Deborah Creekmur, NRHS, Teacher, 30 years
  • Laurie Curtis, JYMS, Teacher, 13 years
  • Eva Daniel, NPES, Teacher, 4 years
  • Gilbert Dawes, Jr., CCAP, Teacher, 13 years
  • Deborah Eaton, SAO, Admin. Asst., 15 years
  • Mary Eberwine, KFHS, Guidance Counselor, 15 years
  • Phyllis Elmore, LHS, Teacher, 17 years
  • Amy Espinosa, HES, Teacher, 35 years
  • James Fowler, KFHS, Teacher, 11 years
  • Inga Francis, NRHS, Teacher, 14 years
  • Melissa Gardner, SAO, Accounting Tech. II, 33 years
  • Mary Gray, MBES, Teacher Asst., 8 years
  • Joyce Hale, NRHS, Cafeteria Associate, 14 years
  • Robin Healey, KSES, Teacher, 10 years
  • Virginia Hill, Transp. Dept., Bus Driver, 44 years
  • Dona Hindlin, NRHS, Teacher, 13 years
  • Sharon Holsinger, KSES, Teacher Asst., 15 years
  • Charlene Jerlin, KFHS, Guidance Director, 19 years
  • Montina Jones, JFKMS, Teacher, 6 years
  • Mary Joyner, PES, Teacher, 22 years
  • Christina Klein, JYMS, Teacher, 30 years
  • Coleen Lee, EFES, Teacher, 27 years
  • Sherri Lilley, KSES, Teacher, 42 years
  • Patsy Markham, KSES, Teacher, 34 years
  • Lisa McNair, Transp. Dept., Bus Aide, 11 years
  • Roland Myers, KSES, Teacher, 18 years
  • Lillie Parker, NRHS, Custodian, 20 years
  • Juanita Parker, KSES, Speech Pathologist, 33 years
  • Loretta Parker, Transp. Dept., Bus Driver, 21 years
  • Judith Perry, KFMS, Teacher, 15 years
  • Herlene Plowden, KFHS, Custodian, 14 years
  • Deborah Rasberry, KSES, Teacher, 19 years
  • Scott Reed, LHS, Teacher, 16 years
  • Bernette Rodgers, Transp. Dept., Bus Aide, 14 years
  • Linda Skeeter, KFMS, Teacher Asst., 34 years
  • Sherri Story, KFHS, Teacher, 12 years
  • Phyllis Thibodeau, MBES, Teacher, 26 years
  • Gloria Tucker, NSES, Custodian, 7 years
  • Anita Wellenstein, DES, Teacher, 12 years
  • Diane Whitley, LHS, Teacher Asst., 17 years

SPS Recognized for Support of United Way

Representatives from schools who significantly increased their United Way support for 2017-18 were celebrated at United Way’s Annual Awards Luncheon on June 7.   Left to right, Quintina Speller-Williams, EFES; Gwendolyn Williams, FGMS; Tara Moore, CES; Jessica Vargas, EFES; Lauren-Marie Banks, HES; and Traci Mettler, NSES.

Meet Our 2018 Vals and Sals

We’re proud of our top students!!